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Hanging Scales in Kenya

Hanging Scales provide a fantastic weighing option where bench or floor space is limited or unavailable. Our range of dial scales includes; dial hanging scales, digital hanging scales and overhead rail scales and come in a range of capacities to suit your particular weighing application.

With our hanging scales you will be able to weigh many items, from small goods up to big containers or material, anything that can be suspended – the hanging scales can act as another connector to your crane or a stable hanging connection – and then you can evaluate the weight while secondarily moving the items if necessary.

On the other hand, the hanging scales with a weighing range up to 10 t are mainly used for industrial, commercial, and agricultural trading. The hanging scales can easily be integrated with your crane on the job, to evaluate a large steel beam hanging from a crane for instance.

A solid safety hook ensures the load is secured and helps prevent accidents. Our crane scales models have an oversized shackle that rotates to suspend loads with ease.